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To bring your school to the Cracker Storytelling Festival, please fill out the following form and send it to Terrie Sullivan at

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Know Before You Go

Preparing Students Before the Trip

Before you come:

Teachers, please read this to your students.

At the Festival today, we’re going to participate in storytelling performance by many different types of storytellers. “Participate” means that you’ll be part of the program—as good listeners, using your imagination to “see” the characters, setting, and action. Sometimes, you may be invited to use your brains, voice, and hands to help bring a story to life. Storytelling is the most fun when the storyteller and the listeners work together to create the story—so let’s make this a fun experience for everyone!

Ask students to listen carefully to the story so that afterwards they can answer simple, factual, non-subjective questions such as who, what, where, or when.

  • What are the parts of a story? (characters, setting, problem solution, beginning, middle, end)

  • What do you use when you listen to a story? (ears, eyes, brain, imagination)

  • As you listen, use your imagination to make a “movie” of the story in your mind. Will all of you have the same movie? Why or why not?

  • As you listen to the stories today, listen and watch to see if you can find patterns in the words or the actions. Why are patterns important in the stories?

  • Try to predict what’s going to happen next in the stories, but don’t yell it out! Just listen and think and see if you’re right!

Discuss the purpose of the field trip and tell your students that they will be learning about the history of their county in the 1800’s through some of the stories they will hear. Talk about the cattle industry in Polk County and explain what the term “Cracker” means. Ask the students if they see cows anywhere near their homes and if they know how important the use of the horse was in the early history of Polk County.

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Youthful Voices

Youthful Voices Storytelling at Cracker Storytelling Festival

December 5, 6 & 7th 2018 -  Wednesday - Friday

Due to space and time constraints at the Festival, the Committee made several changes to Youthful Voices. We wanted you to know what to expect when you submit a student’s name as a Youthful Voices storyteller this year.

 Youthful Voices - student tellers – are an integral part of local, state and national storytelling festivals. Student tellers in grades K-12 are welcome to participate provided they meet the following criteria:

1.  Names must be submitted by a teacher or home schooling parent.

2.  Stories must be rehearsed and performed a minimum of 3 times before a group before performing at our festival. No extemporaneous storytelling.

3.  Each school is limited to 5 tellers, and each story is limited to 3 – 5 minutes in length.

4.  Slots are available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Contact Linda Chancey at (863) 393-5610 or to register your student(s). The deadline to submit a student’s name is October 31st. In exchange for performing, student tellers will receive free admission.

Thank you for promoting and supporting the art of storytelling with your students. You will be contacted with a time for your student to perform. 

 Linda Chancey, Connie Trama, Melissa Causey and Diana Townsend                                                                                                 Youthful Voices Committee/Cracker Storytelling Festival

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